• Frikadelle / Burger
    Frikadelle / Burger
  • Kartoffelpuffer / Potato pancakes
    Kartoffelpuffer / Potato pancakes
  • Hühnchen / Chicken
    Hühnchen / Chicken
  • Rindfleisch / Beef
    Rindfleisch / Beef
  • Naan-Brot / Naan bread
    Naan-Brot / Naan bread
  • Mini-Frikadellen / Meatballs
    Mini-Frikadellen / Meatballs
  • Zwiebeln / Onions
    Zwiebeln / Onions
  • Lachs / Salmon
    Lachs / Salmon
  • Gemüse / Vegetables
    Gemüse / Vegetables
  • Pfannkuchen / Crêpes
    Pfannkuchen / Crêpes

Welcome to HOJA Food TEC

Since 1982 is HOJA Maschinenbau Metallbau GmbH your reliable and innovative partner for food technology and special engineering.

Continous intensive research and development have made HOJA to one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of industrial frying technology. 

Products like potato pancakes, pancakes, crêpes, blini, meat balls, rissoles, hamburger, steak, chicken, vegetables, naan bread, pita breads and many more delicious products are made on our machines to the higest qualities.

Our lines guaranty with their fully automated cast iron frying technology at  capacities of 100-1000kg/h a taste sensation just as mother made.

Our special machinery and special developments are not only limited to the food industry, we are also serving the automobile industry aswell as others with our quality made in Germany.

With the latest manufacturing facilities, 3D CAD/CAM software, PLC integration with telemaintenance and constant Research and development we ensure that our customers always have access to  cutting edge technology.





HOJA Test Laboratory Asia

Test HOJA machines in our new test lab in Seoul - South Korea.


We have developed a new grill-tunnel for fat-free grilling of burgers, chicken, etc.




HOJA Login Area

Here you can download or watch product videos, HOJA Apps, documents, manuals, wiring diagrams, plc programs, etc

just ask for your login details.

HOJA Maschinenbau-Metallbau GmbH - Am Varrenbruch 1 - 29690 Schwarmstedt -  Tel +49 5071 2130 (24/7)

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