• Frikadelle / Burger
    Frikadelle / Burger
  • Kartoffelpuffer / Potato pancakes
    Kartoffelpuffer / Potato pancakes
  • Hühnchen / Chicken
    Hühnchen / Chicken
  • Rindfleisch / Beef
    Rindfleisch / Beef
  • Naan-Brot / Naan bread
    Naan-Brot / Naan bread
  • Mini-Frikadellen / Meatballs
    Mini-Frikadellen / Meatballs
  • Zwiebeln / Onions
    Zwiebeln / Onions
  • Lachs / Salmon
    Lachs / Salmon
  • Gemüse / Vegetables
    Gemüse / Vegetables
  • Pfannkuchen / Crêpes
    Pfannkuchen / Crêpes





A logical expansion to our production range are our HOJA Afterheater and Grilling tunnel

With a HOJA Afterheater the capacity of a HOJA Fryer can be drastically increased, depending on the belt length.


gartunnel06With out 3 and 5 level afterheater the afterheating distance/time can be 3 times or even 5 times as long

The temperature and humidity are kept accurate with a cutting edge PLC.

Largest productions 

on smallest spaces!

- completely taylor-made -


HOJA Grilling tunnel are used for grilling, roasting or drying of food products.

Conveyer with extra strong stainless steel wire belts transport the products passing the heating elements through the tunnel.

If required, a product turn-over and a Humidity control system can be integrated.




Made in Germany

Visit us:




HOJA Test Laboratory Asia

Test HOJA machines in our new test lab in Seoul - South Korea.


We have developed a new grill-tunnel for fat-free grilling of burgers, chicken, etc.




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